Job management

Anchors of information

Each job holds links to all information pertaining to it. If you are able to find a job, you can then follow links on it to find customers, vehicles, vehicle histories, parts, part suppliers, etc. just to name a few. In this way, jobs serve as an anchor in MechanicDesk, allowing you to manage all aspects of it without having to leave the job screen. It also allows you to later on leverage many useful utilities in MechanicDesk such as service scheduling and productivity tracking for your employees.

Job Types

If you have ever had to type in the same description, write up the same checklist items and parts for 10 separate jobs, you know it can be time consuming and tedious. MechanicDesk can help you here. Job Types is a MechanicDesk feature that allows you to save templates of commonly done jobs ie. services, tuneups, etc. The closest analogy would be log book services. By templating jobs, you drastically increase time saved in the long run as time otherwise spent on data entry can now be used to work on the job you love. This is MechanicDesk's overarching philosophy - save information to use later on.