Service scheduling

Tracking important dates

MechanicDesk provides the facilities for you to track servicing, registration and warrant of fitness dates for individual vehicles. You will be able to see at a glance which vehicles that are overdue for their service, of have one coming up the following week. This helps you schedule your workshop activities to maximise efficiency without overstretching yourself and the team.

Sending reminders has never been easier

Service, registration and warrant of fitness reminders can all be sent to your customers in bulk from MechanicDesk. It is as simple as selecting the customers you want to have reminded and clicking send. We support both email and SMS reminders but if your customer prefers to receive their reminder by post, we can help too by generating the files you need to perform a mail merge. You also have full control over the contents of your communications - editable on the fly or defaultable to your very own personal message.