Supplier management

Your suppliers at your fingertips

If you need to raise a purchase order to order a part, put in a bill for a supplier or simply send an email or text to them to request some information, MechanicDesk allows you to do all this without ever leaving the platform.

Integrations with supplier ordering platforms

MechanicDesk offers a number of integrations that allow MechanicDesk to communicate directly with a number of major supplier ordering platforms such as Repco NavigatorPro and Burson Ezy Parts. This means you will be able to order parts and/or pull log book service data from these platforms in a streamlined manner - no copying and pasting required. This is because the integration allows MechanicDesk to tell these platforms everything they need to know about the vehicle you are servicing. It is then quite literally a simple matter of selecting the parts or log book service you want and clicking a button to send the information back to MechanicDesk, ready to go!