Stock/Inventory control

Keeping your stock/inventory in order

MechanicDesk offers a powerful stock control module that allows for quick and easy creation of stock entries. Each such entry can hold a wide range of information from the very basic cost and sell prices (up to 7 levels), quantity, name and description to more advanced aspects of a stock item such as accounting GL codes, technical specifications, preferred suppliers, price levels, etc. You can also set up stock levels to have the system suggest items that need reordering or alert you when you are running low on a particular supply. Saved stock item entries are easily searchable via a variety of fields - everything from stock numbers and names to technical specifications, brands, makes and models.

Complete sales and purchase history

MechanicDesk holds a record of every invoice and bill on which a stock item is used. This way, you can easily cross check with your current stock levels and spot any discrepancies before they become serious. With such a complete history, MechanicDesk is able to provide accurate sales and purchase reports to help you stay on top of your business and easily identify what is selling, what is not.

Barcode scanning and printing

MechanicDesk supports the scanning and printing of barcodes to streamline your day to day workflow. It can even generate its own barcodes for you if you do not have a preferred system currently in use. Most commercially available barcode scanners and label printers are compatible with MechanicDesk.

Straightforward stocktaking

MechanicDesk supports straightforward stocktaking for whenever you need to inspect your current stock. It is as simple as looking up an item, counting it and entering the actual quantity. All stocktakes are saved for your record and are accessible to you at all times.