Data Import/Export

Your data is important

A major concern with software changeovers is data migration. We understand that you have spent a huge amount of time building up your database and having to start from scratch is disruptive to any business. So we do what we can in order to make the transition into MechanicDesk as smooth as possible for you whilst preserving the integrity of your data. We work with you to export your data, reconfigure it if necessary and import the data into MechanicDesk.

Your data is yours

This may look to be an obvious point but we want to emphasise that we would never use your data as a means to keep you with us. Any data that you enter into MechanicDesk via any means (import, manual entry, etc.) is accessible to you at all times, can be retrieved via our export function at any time and as often as you require it. There is no additional cost to you.

Import template

MechanicDesk requires that your data be in a specific format before it can be imported. Fortunately, this generally only involves adjusting the data spreadsheet headers to something our system understands. Please click this link to download the import template for more information.