Easy scheduling using the Diary

Stay on top of your workshop activities

MechanicDesk gives you the ability to plan your workshop activities quickly and effectively via the built in diary. The diary gives you an overview of what is going on in the workshop via simple colour coded boxes denoting different types of events (bookings, ongoing jobs, jobs on hold, etc.). Events will span the correct number of days on the diary so see exactly how long a job took or if an ongoing job is taking longer than it should. If you need to reschedule an event elsewhere, you can also drag and drop the event to a certain date. Events hold their own information: customer, vehicle, job types, drop off and pickup times, event description, etc. so you know at a glance what an event is about.

A powerful diary

To help save you even more time, the MechanicDesk diary comes with many convenience features such as the ability to convert bookings into jobs with the push of a button, employee filters to show events assigned to certain employees only, and daily workload setters to help the system alert you when you try to assign too many jobs to a day. The diary has a few different views that you can choose from so you can view your schedules over a wide range of dates or just look at 1 particular date.